Melancholy Greetings is a company producing greeting cards, but not in a traditional way of giving a message.
Problem: Being honest in a world where politeness thrives is increasingly difficult. This becomes even more problematic when having to speak the truth to those you love. 
Solution: Being blunt with a playful loving undertone can help to start the well-needed conversations.
Target: Women age 18-25 who enjoy poking fun at the obscurities in life. They are the well-read students and over achieving workers in society who keep it real with themselves and the people around them. During their free time, they find comfort in books, snuggling with their pets, over-sharing on social media, and gathering with friends for hazy nights of fun that would be embarrassingly great memories if they were to able to remember them. Not only do they know how to dish a low blow but they know how to take one, as long as it comes from a loving place. 
Insight/Truth: Only someone who cares about you will tell you the honest truth about yourself. 
Concept: We highlight 2 women who live together and are good friends. Though they love one another they see each other’s flaws. Bethany is a homebody who loves to cook, chat with her mother all hours of the day and night, and snuggling with her cats while updating her cat blog. Suzie, on the other hand, works 55 hours a week, consumes nothing but fast food and still finds the time to party every night.
1) E-Greeting card apps
2) Social media ads - set of 4
3) Collectable stickers 
Melancholy Greetings’ Tell ‘em App will give the opportunity to tell those loved ones the truth about themselves. The platform allows the user to select one of the images provided that reflects the message they want to give. Once an image is selected they add their custom message, tag the person who needs to be told. The image can be shared on to social media and also saved to their personal devices.
Social media ad
social media placement
give away stickers 
sticker stand design / point of sale
Art direction: Zakia Owens & Win Naing, Copy writing by Zakiya Owens, Graphic design and illustration by Win Naing. Student project for the City College of Technology, City University of New York, Fall 2016 
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