Burundi is a country with a complex situation, spanning all sectors including health, education, social protection, water, sanitation, and hygiene. Women and children under five are among most affected by the dire socioeconomic situation and recurrent crisis. 

Despite these current complex context, life continues in Burundi, the families have survived day after day and children grow, study and play in a very adverse context. This means there are still positive things happening, successful stories and dreams that keep children’s hope alive.

UNICEF Burundi wants to project and highlight the good things still are happening and exist in Burundi told and narrated by children.

Daily stories of the Burundian culture, tradition, places, people or customs narrated and explained by the children to focus on ‘The Burundi I Want / Like’ far from violence and instability.


By showing an everyday life of a Burundian child, each video informs the audience about the challenges and the solution. Although there was a hardship in life, UNICEF Burundi keeps on positive thinking as well as encourage all, including kids and community towards the positive attitude.  


My team put four video concepts for four main area of focus
• Education
• Health
• Water & Sanitation
• Child Protection

Target Audience

Socially-conscious and digitally active young adults age 20-40 globally who could help fundraising for UNICEF Burundi  


To give the audience information of the daily life of Burundian child and how UNICEF Burundi is helping them. 

Call of action is to get fundraising as well as volunteer support for UNICEF Burundi.


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• Instagram
• Youtube
• Dailymotion or any media platform for video
• Television spot

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